Size Guide



Affenpinscher Small
Afghan Hound Large
Airedale Terrier Large
Akita Large
Alaskan husky Large
Alaskan Klee Kai Medium
Alaskan Malamute Extra Large
American Akita Large
American Bulldog Large
American Cocker Spaniel Medium
American Pit Bull Terrier Large
American Staffordshire Terrier Medium, Large
American Staffy Medium, Large
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Extra Large
Australian Cattle Dog Medium, Large
Australian Kelpie Medium, Large
Australian Shepherd Medium, Large
Australian Silky Terrier Small
Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Large
Australian Terrier Medium
Basenji Medium
Basset Hound Medium
Beagle Medium
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael) Large
Bernese Mountain Dog Extra Large
Bichon Frise Small
Blue Heeler Medium
Border Collie Large
Boston Terrier Small
Boxer Large
Briard Large
Brussels Griffon Small
Bull Terrier Large
Bulldog Medium
Bullmastiff Extra Large
Cairn Terrier Medium
Cavapoo Medium
Cavoodle Medium
Chihuahua Small
Chow Chow Large
Cocker Spaniel Medium
Dachshund Medium
Dalmatian Large
Doberman Pinscher Large
Dogue de Bordeaux Extra Large
English Bulldog Medium
English Cocker Spaniel Medium
English Mastiff Extra Large
English Setter Large
Finnish Lapphund Medium
Flat-Coated Retriever Large
Fox Terrier Medium
French Bulldog Medium
Georgian Shepherd Large
German Longhaired Pointer Large
German Pinscher Medium
German Shepherd Large/Extra Large
German Shorthaired Pointer Large
German Spitz Medium
Giant Schnauzer Large
Golden Retriever Large
Goldendoodle Large
Great Dane Extra Extra Large (XXL)
Great Pyrenees Extra Large
Greyhound Extra Large
Groodle Large
Havanese Small
Hungarian Vizsla Large
Irish Setter Large
Irish Wolfhound Extra Large
Italian Greyhound Medium
Jack Russell Small
Jack Russell Terrier Small
Japanese Spitz Medium
Keeshond Medium
King Charles Spaniel Medium
Labradoodle Medium, Large
Labrador Large
Labrador Husky Large
Labrador Retriever Large
Leonberger Extra Large
Lhasa Apso Small
Maltese Small
Maltese Shih Tzu Small
Manchester Terrier Medium
Maremma Sheepdog Extra Large
Miniature Bull Terrier Medium
Miniature Dachshund Small
Miniature Fox Terrier Small
Miniature Pinscher Small
Miniature Schnauzer Small
Miniature Shar Pei Medium
Neapolitan Mastiff Extra Large
Newfoundland Extra Extra Large (XXL)
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Large
Old English Bulldog Large
Papillion Small
Pekingese Small
Pomeranian Small
Poodle Large
Portuguese Water Dog Large
Pug Small
Rhodesian Ridgeback Extra Large
Rottweiler Large/Extra large
Saint Bernard Extra Large
Samoyed Large
Schnoodle Medium
Shar Pei Large
Shiba Inu Large
Shih Tzu Small
Shih-poo Small
Siberian Husky Large
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Large
Staffy Medium/Large
Tibetan Mastiff Extra Large
Tibetan Spaniel Medium
Toy Poodle Small
Vizsla Large
Weimaraner Large
Welsh Corgi Medium
West Highland White Terrier Small
Whippet Medium, Large
Wirehaired Vizsla Large
Yorkshire Terrier Small


This size chart is based on your dog feeling comfortable but cozy in Thepupsmart Bed. It comes from feedback from thousands of customers (and their dogs). If you would like a size that accommodates your dog being fully stretched out then we recommend choosing one size up on this chart.

We highly recommend measuring your dog from nose to base of tail to get an idea of how your dog will fit in the bed.